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If you suspect you have an injury to your bone from an accident or fall, an X-ray is the most effective way to confirm your self-diagnosis. At New MD & Urgent Care, with offices in American Canyon and El Cerrito, California, Malcolm Johnson, MD, and Ian Ahwah, MD, offer the convenience of in-house digital X-ray equipment to give you the fastest, most accurate diagnosis. Take advantage of the advanced on-site technology by scheduling a same-day or next-day appointment online or by calling the office directly.

X-Rays Q & A

What are digital X-rays?

An X-ray is a common form of medical imaging that produce images of your bones. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah use digital X-rays to assess injuries including bone breaks and fractures and as a diagnostic tool for sports-related injuries.

Digital X-rays might also be useful in monitoring chronic health conditions, like arthritis, and diagnosing the cause of abdominal pain.

At New MD & Urgent Care, digital X-rays are available on-site to provide you and your doctor with fast and accurate test results. You won’t have to visit a hospital or other medical facility for your X-ray testing, so your treatment can start sooner.

What are the benefits of digital X-rays?

When comparing digital X-rays to traditional film X-rays, the digital version might be a safer option, as they use less radiation. Digital X-rays are also more comfortable than other imaging technologies. You can often sit upright during your X-ray.

Using advanced digital technology, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah can take precise images of specific areas, ensuring you get a highly detailed picture of the treatment area without having to take multiple X-rays. This type of testing is more accurate and of a much higher quality than traditional film X-rays.

Digital X-rays also make it easier for your doctor to update your medical file and send X-ray images to your specialist or primary-care physician.

What can I expect during a digital X-ray procedure?

Digital X-rays are painless and only take a few minutes, depending on the treatment area. You can relax in a comfortable exam room while the X-ray technician sets up the equipment around you.

During the X-rays, you must remain as still as possible to get an accurate result. You might need to reposition your body several times during the test, based on the reason for your X-ray.

Once the imaging test is over, your New MD doctor reviews the results to give you a proper diagnosis before your appointment ends. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah create a customized treatment plan to address your injury or condition, or they can refer you to a specialist for further treatment.

To learn more about the benefits of on-site digital X-rays, schedule an appointment with New MD & Urgent Care online or by phone at the office nearest you.