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Whether you have a new job lined up or your child needs a physical for the upcoming sports season, the experienced team at New MD & Urgent Care offers comprehensive physical examination appointments to meet your needs at their El Cerrito and American Canyon locations. At New MD & Urgent Care in El Cerrito and American Canyon, we conveniently serve patients in Berkeley, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, Hercules, Albany, Vallejo, and Napa, California. Ian Ahwah, MD and Malcolm Johnson, MD offer a variety of physicals for employment or recreation. Schedule your physical exam using the online booking feature or call the office nearest you to learn more.

Physicals Q & A

What types of physicals are available?

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah specialize in a variety of physical examinations, including physicals for:

  • High school and college
  • Sports participation
  • Employment
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Extracurricular activities

The team at New MD & Urgent Care also offer annual physical examinations to monitor your overall health.

Why do I need a physical?

In general, a yearly physical exam is an effective way to monitor your health from year to year.

In some cases, you might also need a physical when it’s a requirement for your pre-employment screening, to participate in a sporting activity, or to obtain a driver’s license.

A physical ensures you are in good health and capable of participating in certain activities without limitations or restrictions.

What can I expect during a physical?

During your physical, Dr. Johnson or Dr. Ahwah discusses your overall health and ask about any concerns you have. They also talk about any changes you might be aware of regarding your health and ask questions about your diet, exercise habits, previous surgeries, and/or existing illnesses.

Dr. Ahwah and Dr. Johnson conduct your physical in a comfortable office environment. They listen to your heart and lungs, measure your weight and height, and perform an overall examination of your mouth, ears, nose, and eyes, checking for abnormalities.

You lie back on an exam table for part of your examination to allow Dr. Ahwah or Dr. Johnson to check your internal organs, your skin, and your reflexes.

If you have any concerns about your health or experience pain or other issues, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah can address these specific areas as part of your physical.

How do I prepare for a physical?

A physical examination is a painless procedure. If you have an existing health condition, like diabetes, you might need to have blood work done.

To ensure you get the most out of your physical exam, you should prepare ahead of time. Create a list of medications you are currently taking, including the dosage amount, and write down any questions you want to discuss with your doctor.

Be sure to bring the health form that’s required by your employer, school, or sports organization so that Dr. Johnson and Dr. Ahwah can complete the form at the end of your exam.

Schedule your physical at the nearest New MD & Urgent Care office by calling directly or using the online booking feature.